Ngayon At Kailanman: Week 5 Recap - Part 1

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Eva demands an apology from Inno after he accuses her of being the harbinger of bad luck. Though hesitant, the young bachelor later gives in to Eva's request upon receiving a great news. Ecstatic, Inno asks her to spend more time with him. Their brief get together, however, turns into a heated confrontation when Inno misconstrues Eva’s motives. Hernan, meanwhile, warns Rebecca about making friends with Stella.

Unable to withstand Inno’s insults, Eva finally reveals to him her agreement with Oliver. This, in turn, changes Inno’s perception of Eva. Filled with guilt, Inno apologizes to Eva for the pain he and his family have caused her. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets her hands on the final cartographic sketch of the man who appeared in her dreams. Elsewhere, Stella learns that someone is investigating Rodrigo’s death.

Stella decides to push through with her plastic jewelry designs despite Carmen's disapproval. She then meets with Rebecca to convince her to invest in her new venture. Wanting to cut her connections with the Corteses, Eva backs out from Cortes Jewelry's design contest. Inno, on the other hand, is determined to regain Eva's trust. He tries to apologize to her, only to earn the ire of her loved ones. Meanwhile, Rosa resolves to find a way to return Oliver's money after learning about his deal with Eva.

Recap Cast:

Julia Barretto (Eva) / Joshua Garcia (Inno) / Jameson Blake (Oliver) / Ford Valencia (Oliver’s friend) / Russell Reyes (Oliver’s friend) / Rio Locsin (Rosa) / Iza Calzado (Rebecca) / Dominic Ochoa (Abel) / Ina Raymundo (Adessa) / Alice Dixson (Stella) / Mark Neumann (Inno's friend) / Kokoy de Santos (Carl, Inno's friend) / Rosemarie Gil (Carmen) / Minco Fabregas (Mr. Puyat) / Joe Vargas (Kiko) / Jef Gaitan (Janix, Inno's assistant) / MJ Cayabyab (Isda) / Joao Constancia (Dom) / Sadam Pulpul (Eva's neighbor) / Mark Oblea (Eva's neighbor) / TJ Valderama (Eva's neighbor) / Gerard Acao (Eva's neighbor) / Ana Capri (Ising)

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